Head of Data

Hybrid: Remote with optional office time in Johannesburg


Contract or Permanent

About Kandua

Kandua is a mission-driven tech startup. We build easy tools that empower people professionally. Tools that shorten the distance between having a skill and making a living from it. Our flagship product, Kandua.com, is South Africa’s #1 online home services marketplace: A seamlessly designed platform, that connects great home service providers to the people who need them, powered by pioneering technology and a passionate, talented team. We’ve made over R200 million in work opportunities and 100 000 jobs possible for vetted Pros – and we’re just getting started. Learn more about Kandua here.

Data at Kandua is mission-critical, with unique challenges

Matching supply & demand to optimise for revenue & user experience across 100’s of highly varied services is a difficult problem.  And fundamentally – it’s a data problem. Given the features of a job, what is the optimal price to charge? Given previously observed preferences, which of our 35k pros should receive what job opportunity? What is the probability a given user will churn at given point, and how much can we afford to spend, to rescue them?

And, that’s only within our B2C product 👆. Add the newly launched B2B and SaaS products – and you’ve got a lot of surface area. With our data-driven, experiment orientated culture – getting the right answers quickly is everything. That’s why building out our data team, and scaling up our data infrastructure, is of central importance.


Because of you, the extent to which every product, feature and team is performing its function is crystal clear. 

“Ask, and you shall receive an answer. You might even receive a better question”


  • You will deeply integrate with product and growth teams to intimately understand their context and their problems
  • You’ll help product managers to articulate their questions in the most useful way – often by collaborative selection of pragmatic metrics
  • To provide answers, you will build systems and teams, which use:
    • BI tools (we currently use tableau)
    • analytics tools (we currently use amplitude, google analytics)
    • inferential statistics (we try regression first)
  • You’ll ensure that our tech stack measures whatever we need to measure, to answer whatever our product teams need to answer. Your team will work closely with engineering to ensure this.
  • You’ll drive a culture of rigorous experimentation & causative analysis
    • You enlist the help of engineering, to create the infrastructure to make it easy to run experiments
    • You ensure that takeaways we derive from experiments and changes are maximally useful (well orientated, clearly presented, correctly enough, quickly enough)
    • You create infrastructure that readily communicates what changes & experiments were launched, when, and what their effects were
  • You create clear views into (and help to devise) KPIs for every operational role
  • When creating access to data, you obsess over the user experience of the accessing team member. You infuse user feedback and iterate accordingly, and frequently – into our dashboards and processes.


For you to be a great fit, you probably:
  • are very adept with at least one BI tool
  • are very adept with SQL
  • are great at maths
  • have managed people before
  • have worked in a team building a digital product before
  • have set up a data pipeline before
  • can actually code yourself, or at least have worked intimately with programmers before