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A Guide To The Best Panel Beater Quotes

It’s tough to give an exact panel beating cost without seeing the car or at least, finding out more information about the damage. The reason they ask for information such as make and model of the car, colour, size and location of the damage is so that they can get an accurate idea of how severe the panel beating job will be. 

The average panel beater cost per hour is between R400.00 – R900.00 per hour

Here are the average panel beater quotes to repair the most common jobs.

A small dent/scratch or chip (+-5cm) is between R400.00 and R1000.00.
A medium dent (+- 10cm) is between R1 000.00 and R2 000.00.
A large dent is between (+-20cm) R2 000.00 and R3 500.00.
Replacing panels starts from R2500.00 per panel.
These price will vary depending on the location of the damage, the size of the dent/scratch, the car brand and model and the type of paint

Factors Affecting Panel Beater Quotes

There are a plethora of things that affect panel beater quotes. Make and model of the vehicle, the type of paint, how big is the damaged area, how deep the dent or bump is or if panels or fenders need to be replaced. 

Completion time

A big make of any panel beating quote is labour. That’s why the more complex a job is, the more labour it will require and the longer it will take to complete. For big jobs, you might need more than one-panel beater pro plus a painter to restore your vehicle to its original condition. This requires a lot of manpower and means your quote will be more expensive. 

Make and model of the vehicle

Some cars made with more solid parts that can withstand a lot more damage or impact than other cars. This is typically true when it comes to the difference between less expensive cars versus high-end vehicles. This explains why some cars get more damaged than others when they’re in an accident or a hail storm for example. 

The paint

The colour of the vehicle is very important in quoting a panel beater job. For example, it is more expensive to replace or repairs cars that are a metallic colour than cars with an everyday solid colour. The quality of the paint used is equally as important. The higher the quality of the paint, the more the panel beater quotes will be.

The parts involved

Some parts are much harder to source than others. The harder the parts are to find, the more expensive the panel beating quote will be. Soe panel beaters offer the option to do the repair without using genuine parts – this will, of course, be cheaper but could end up costing you more down the line. Not an option we recommend. 

Hidden damage

Not everything is as it seems. If the panel beater encounters and hidden damages or the extent of the damage is far worse than it appears, you will, of course, have to pay more to fix the problem. In these cases, the panel beater will alert you to any issues before they start working to make sure they have your approval first.

Panel beating car dent cost

What exactly does a panel beater do?

A panel beaters job is to restore your car to its original condition if it’s been in an accident, bumper bashing or has any other kind of bodywork damage. Here is a list of the basic functions a panel beater can perform:

  • Removing damaged parts and fixing them 
  • Dent removal
  • Panel repairs
  • Restoring paintwork – touch-ups – chips, scratches, peeling paint
  • Sanding and smoothing damaged parts
  • Replacing broken components and hardware

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