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How Much Does Tile Installation Cost?

Tiles are one of the most durable and versatile materials which is why most homeowners choose to tile their homes. If your tile installation is done correctly and by a professional, it could last over 15 years without needing to be redone. But what does tile installation cost?

The average tile installation cost From R 90.00 - R 180.00

This is for the labour alone and excludes materials and prep work. 

The tile installation cost varies from job to job. The size of the space being tiled, the type of tiles and how much preparation work is needed as well as where the tile installation is taking place will affect the tiling quote. 

Our tiling pros from all over the country have collated this cost guide for us to give you an idea of what you can expect from your tiling installation job. 

What Impacts The Tile Installation Cost?

Type of tile

Ceramic, stone, porcelain, wood lock, cement – there are so many types of tiles. Some require more or labour to install correctly and some are much simpler to install. Additionally, they each come with different price tags that impact the cost of your tiling job.

The quality of the tile

It goes without saying, the more expensive the tile, the more your overall tiling quotes will be. The thing to remember is to work out your budget upfront and buy the best quality tile that you can afford. Skimping on quality now will cost you later. Cheaper tiles can pop or crack more easily resulting in you having to retile again. 

The shape and size of the tile

If the tiles you use are all one size then the job will be much simpler, if you are using 2 or three different sizes then the placement of the tiles becomes more complicated and the tile installation cost will go up. Large tiles might be more expensive but they’ll take less time to lay and you’ll less of them. 

Tiling area

If the tiling area is a simple square or rectangular space then the tile installation quote will be relatively straightforward. If the space has more complex angles and gaps then tiles might need to be cut and measured which will increase the price.

The size of the area

Of course, the larger the tiling area, the more the job will cost. However, some contractors are willing to work out a discounted price is the tiling area is larger than the average. In this case, the larger the job, the lower the square meterage price will be. 

tile installation cost

Should You DIY Your Tile Installation

Correctly installing tiles is one of the most important jobs in your home. It requires skill and precision and if done incorrectly, can end up costing you tens of thousands to repair and reinstall the right way. Which is why tile installation is best left to a professional.

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